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Monkee Grip

Cannonball Climbing Grip

Cannonball Climbing Grip

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Designed to increase the strength of the hand and forearm.

The Cannonball Climbing Grips are portable and easily attach to any pull up bar, dumbbell or kettlebell. 

Simply feed the ball over the bar and through the loop, then pull tight. It is constructed from a single strand of rope making it strong and durable.

Sold individually

Monkee Grip Handmade in USA


Handmade to the highest quality with a single run of natural fiber rope and boast a 4000 lb breaking strength. A tough and permanent whipping prevents unraveling. 

Shipping & Returns

Ships for $5.00 with USPS via first class mail.


Handles are 8 inches long and 1.5 inches across.

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Customer Reviews

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Bao Tran
Over priced

The product works, but I believe this product was way overpriced. You can get a pair of Rogue Fitness iron-cast cannon balls for 50 dollars. A couple of rope-made cannonballs should not cost more than 50 dollars.

Overcome Grip Weakness

Grip is a limiting factor, which means lifts involving grip can only be done to the point of your max grip strength.