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Monkee Grip

Cannonball Climbing Grip

Cannonball Climbing Grip

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Take your hand strength training to the next level with Monkee Fists! These portable grips enhancers can be attached to any pull-up bar, dumbbell, or kettlebell for a versatile workout.

Designed specifically to target the muscles of the hand, including the often-neglected thumb muscles, Monkee Fists make it easy to strengthen your grip and improve your performance.

Take your training routine higher level with Monkee Fists - the ultimate tool for strengthening the muscles of your hands and thumbs.

**Sold individually

Monkee Grip Handmade in USA


Handmade to the highest quality with a single run of natural fiber rope and boast a 4000 lb breaking strength. A tough and permanent whipping prevents unraveling. 

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Ships for $5.00 with USPS via first class mail.


Handles are 8 inches long and 1.5 inches across.

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Customer Reviews

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I only bought one so I'm not using it for pull-ups, as I am with the ropes from this company, but I am using it for rowing and carries, and I really love the twisted braid of it because I can use a different style of crush grip each and every time if I wanted to

Overcome Grip Weakness

Grip is a limiting factor, which means lifts involving grip can only be done to the point of your max grip strength.