Beyond the Wall: Why Grip Strength is Essential for Obstacle Course Racing

Beyond the Wall: Why Grip Strength is Essential for Obstacle Course Racing

Salut, fellow OCR athletes! Andrew Wilkinson here, If you are training for an obstacle course race, you understand the importance of having a strong and dependable grip. From hanging obstacles to rope climbs and everything else, your grip strength can determine whether you complete the race or drop out early. This is why we're here to discuss the significance of grip strength in OCR and how Monkee Grips can enhance your training.

Grip Strength and OCR

Obstacle course racing is all about pushing yourself beyond your limitations. But to do so, you must be able to overcome the various obstacles you encounter. Here comes grip strength into play. Frequently, only your hands and forearms stand between you and the finish line. If your grip strength is inadequate, you run the risk of slipping and wasting time, or even falling and sustaining an injury.

OCR and Endurance Training

Developing grip strength is a crucial component of OCR training. Not only does it help you overcome obstacles, but it also increases your overall endurance. When your grip strength is strong, you can effortlessly climb, carry, and pull, conserving energy for the remainder of the race. The objective of OCR endurance training is to build the stamina necessary to complete the race, and grip strength is an essential component of this training.

Monkee Grips are designed for OCR

There are numerous tools that can be used to improve grip strength, but none are as efficient as Monkee Grips. These rope grips allow you to test your grip strength in a manner similar to obstacle course racing. Monkee Grips offer a unique challenge that other grip-training devices simply cannot match, whether you're using them for rope climbs or pull-ups.

In addition to being extremely durable and portable, Monkee Grips are an ideal addition to your OCR training equipment. You can bring them to the gym or use them at home, giving you the freedom to train whenever and wherever you choose.


If you are serious about obstacle course racing, then grip strength is an essential skill. Monkee Grips are the best tool for increasing your grip strength. Monkee Grips can take your OCR training to the next level with their innovative design and unrivaled durability. Therefore, begin incorporating grip strength exercises into your OCR training immediately and purchase Monkee Grips. We anticipate seeing you at the finish line!
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