What is Grip Strength an Indicator of: Your Grip and What it Tells You

What is Grip Strength an Indicator of: Your Grip and What it Tells You

What is Grip Strength an Indicator of: Your Grip and What it Tells You

As our bodies age, the natural decline in muscle strength isn't confined to noticeable areas like knees or hips; it also extends to grip strength. Your grip strength isn't just a simple measure of how firmly you can grasp something; it's a vital indicator of your overall well-being.

Your Grip Strength and What It Tells You

Grip strength, the force exerted when you clench your hand around an object, is considered an "indispensable biomarker" for older adults. Those who maintain their grip age more gracefully and remain healthier and more robust.

How to Measure Grip Strength

A hand dynamometer is typically used to measure grip strength, and the thresholds for healthy grip vary based on factors like age and BMI.

The Importance of Grip in Daily Life and Exercise

Beyond daily tasks, your grip plays a role in exercises that can keep your body strong. One popular and highly effective exercise to improve grip strength is the farmers carry, and tools like Monkee grips can add value to this routine.

Farmers Carry and Monkee Grips

Farmers carry is a strength exercise where you walk a set distance while holding a weight in each hand. It engages various muscles, including those in your forearms, enhancing grip strength.

Monkee grips are versatile tools designed to assist in grip strengthening exercises like farmers carry. They can be used on their own or attached to as little as one-pound dumbbells. The ergonomic design allows you to focus on your grip, and the adjustable resistance of attaching various dumbbells provides a customized experience.

The farmers carry with Monkee grips can be performed by holding the grips or attaching them to weights and walking with a straight posture for a set distance. This exercise not only helps in enhancing grip strength but also in improving overall body coordination, endurance, and balance.

Strengthening Your Grip: More Techniques

Along with the farmers carry and Monkee grips, other strategies can keep your grip strong:

  • Hand exercises: Squeezing a squash ball or using handle grips with different resistances.

  • Whole-body exercises: Engaging in activities like walking, swimming, or even gardening.

If you have concerns about your grip strength or health, consult a healthcare provider for tailored solutions.


The significance of grip strength extends well beyond the physical power of our hands, playing a vital role in our health as we age. Tools like Monkee grips, especially when utilized in exercises like farmers carry, can be an invaluable part of your routine to ensure a healthier, more resilient life. By focusing on grip strength and engaging in targeted exercises, you can grasp a stronger hold on life—literally and figuratively.

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