From Towel Grip to Monkee Grip: Upgrade your Workout

From Towel Grip to Monkee Grip: Upgrade your Workout

Hey there, it’s Andrew Wilkinson, and let’s get real about towels and rags as gym grips. It’s like using a rusted bicycle instead of a Ferrari. Sure, both can get you from point A to point B, but only one will turn heads and make you feel like a champion. Before we talk about danger I want to share more analogies because I’m having fun with them.

Using rags instead of Monkee Grips are like: 
using a butter knife instead of a chainsaw. 
using a cardboard box instead of a moving truck.
using a straw instead of a fire hose.
using rocks instead of dumbbells
using a counting stones instead of a calculator.

Reality bites hard when you choose the low budget option. You’re in the middle of an epic lift and suddenly, the rag or towel slips off. You weren’t paying attention and only grabbed one side of the towel. Now, you’re left there like a fool, grasping for something to hold onto. It’s a cringe-worthy moment at best, and a potential injury waiting to happen at worst. Monkee Grips, however, have got you covered with their no-slip design. You can grasp with confidence, knowing your grips won’t be going anywhere until you want them to. Now you might be saying “bro, I have been using rags for years. I don’t miss.” You’ve been lucky.

Finally, let’s talk style. Using a rag or towel as a grip is like wearing socks with sandals. It might get the job done, but it’s not a good look. Monkee Grips, on the other hand, are rugged and professional, with different sizes to choose from. You’ll look and feel like a true athlete, ready to take on any challenge and have the option to scale your workout by difficulty.

So, friends, let’s ditch the rags and towels and upgrade to Monkee Grips. Your hands will thank you, and your workouts will never be the same. Just remember, when it comes to gym grips, towels are for wiping, and Monkee Grips are for gripping.

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