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From Struggling to Champion: How Monkee Grips Helped Me Improve My Grip Strength and Dominate in Wrestling

Growing up, I was always into sports and fitness. I cherished the sensation of testing my body's limitations and discovering my limits. But when I started wrestling in high school, I quickly realized that my grip strength was lacking. It was upsetting to feel like I was giving practice and competitions my all yet kept slipping up and being outwitted by rivals.

At that time, I learned about Monkee Grips. They were unlike anything I had seen before - a training tool that could turn any horizontal bar into a pinch or cannonball grip, engaging the muscles of the thumb that aren't typically used when holding onto a bar or even a rope. I made the decision to try them because I was curious.

That was difficult at first. Every practice left my hands and forearms weary, and there were times when I wanted to quit. I was ready to give up.  Yet I was aware that I had to put in the effort if I wanted to improve as a wrestler. I persisted, daily utilizing the Monkee Grips to progressively increase my strength.

And it worked. Are you kidding me! I said.  Over time, I noticed my grip strength was improving, rapidly at first and I was able to hold on longer and more securely during matches. I felt more confidence in my general skills and was able to outmaneuver opponents who had previously caused me problems.

Fast forward to my senior year, and I was competing in a major wrestling competition. Despite the fact that I was up against some formidable opposition, I knew I had worked hard to earn this opportunity. And in the end, it was my strengthened hold that allowed me to prevail. I was able to hold on longer and more securely than my opponents, and it made all the difference.

Looking back, I'm grateful for the role that Monkee Grips played in my wrestling journey. They were an essential tool for me to strengthen my grip and perform better, and I'm proud of the effort and commitment it took to get me where I am now.

This story was shared with me on Instagram by a customer and edited to improve readability. 

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